Types of VISA and Requirements

Types of VISA and Requirements

14 Sep 2019

‘Travel to Thailand’ Checklist

  • A valid Thai visa **all visa exemption nationalities who wish to visit Thailand no longer than 30 days (excluding 14-day quarantine) do not need a visa and must register for COE under the type of permitted persons ‘medium term visitor – visa exemption’

  • Evidence of Accommodation for Quarantine
    • Medical treatment purpose – a confirmation letter from Ministry of Public Health from the hospital in Thailand
    • Other purposes – a booking confirmation letter from the ASQ/ALQ/GQ hotel for quarantine
  • Health Insurance with coverage equal or minimum of $100,000, including expenses regarding COVID-19
    – Recommended insurance on https://covid19.tgia.org
  • Evidence of Flight Booking

  • “Fit-to-Fly” Health Certificate with validity of no more than 72 hours before Check-in 
    **Please make sure that the Certificate includes a sentence / phrase 
    “...(Name)… is Fit to Fly / Fit to travel by Air.”

  • COVID-19 (RT-PCR) Medical Certificate with validity of no more than 72 hours before Check-in




  • All document must be kept with passengers at all time.


Types of VISA

1. Tourist VISA > Click here

2. Tourist/ Non-Immigrant O VISA (for medical purpose) > Click here

3. Non-Immigrant O VISA > Click here 

4. Non-Immigrant O-A VISA (Long Stay - 1 year) > Click here

5. Non-Immigrant O-X VISA (Long Stay - 10 years: 5 years with first visa + 5 years with an extension) > Click here

6. Non-Immigrant B VISA (for verified work permit in Thailand) > Click here




* Please note that shown types and requirements of VISA above are subject to the Kingdom of Thailand's measures and policies regarding the continuing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.